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The Projects of Wilmbo and Hearth.

Hearth and Wilmbo get bored easily. Therefore, we need projects to keep us busy! Our projects need to meet 3 Rules before we will attempt them.

1: Low budget. We're basicly broke so we need something cheap. (If we can do it for under 10 bucks, GREAT!)

2: Easy. We're not that edjew-mi-cated (but we're not dumb either) so we need something easy to build and easy to understand.

3: Safe. Well, this one is a little iffy. Relatively safe anyway. (We're not smart enough to know better either.)

So, taking these rules into account we will probably not be building a tank or a Nuke anytime soon. But we COULD be attempting something similar, just with the Rules applied. *evil grin*

Current Project

The Gauss Rifle
Scientific Diagram From the GodFather

Old Projects

On On!!!