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Swine News

An Official Newsletter of the Brotherhood of the Swine

Wilmbo's Words of Wisdom.


Greetings and Hello Everybody!!!

How is everyone doing? Been a long time, it has. Episode III have I just seen, hmmm. Like Yoda do I talk.

OK, enough of that.

Ho Boy. Lots of stuff to talk about. First off, I LOVE MY JOB!!!! Working at Best Buy RULES!!! The people, the atmosphere, the bennies *wink wink* everything is awesome!

Now for a bit of sad news. Well, sad for the rest of the male population. As of the 29th of October, Wilmy's Little Sister is no longer hit by a bus. She's now been run over by a limo that has cans attached to the back. Her boyfriend proposed on their 1 year anniversary.....She said 'YES'. He's a good guy so we won't need to kill him. He is also WAY better then that other guy, and we can still kill HIM if we really want to. Wedding date has yet to be set, prolly late Sept next year. So you guys have till then to WOO my *Hot* sister.
Mom is STILL off limits.

Halloween this year was nice and quiet. My 'kids' came over and I didn't have any candy, except for a jug of Atomic Fireballs from Sam's Club. So they each got about 10 Fireballs from me. I worked most of the day and did'nt get a hold of anyone to go out later, so I just stayed in. Next year Linz and her (then prolly husband) BF are having a big party at their house. My job for that is to make/find a big pot that can be put over the fire pit and contain something. Either something edible (hot cider) or something COOL, like a green slimey substance that boils over into the fire causing bright purple flames and has enough dry ice in it to smoke all night! (Can you guess which one I am voting for?) I just need to find a pot that is big enough and fireproof enough to work.

Now for some better news. The Crossbow has been completed. The assembly process is complete, the testing and refining process is hopefully going to commence shortly.

I am eating the first/last/only bag of Halloween candy that was purchased (a week afterwards for 59 cents). Candy Corn Pumpkins. They ROCK! 6 of them are a serving. Nothing but calories, 150 per serving. ROCKEN!

Nothing much is going on now. Work, sleep, eat Hot-Pockets. That is pretty much my life right now.

Congrabulations on the new Mr. and Mrs. Renner! May the Swine always shine upon you!

Ok I'm done. I got nothing else. Keep it Real, and Don't pee in the pool!

Thank you for your time.

Wilmbo De Norte!!!


Oh, Masterbation
The thing that all men must do
Such a pleasant time.

I broke my wrist once,
The kittens rejoiced wildly.
I will make them pay...

Stupid little cat
God's mighty wrath will slay you
I am become death.

Shoot you in the face
It's a good exfoliant
Well, that's what they say.

If I saved it all,
I would have enough to fill,
A very gross pool.

Japanese beer cans
Purchased from vending machines
Drunken laziness!

On On!!!